Patience, Care, and Compassion

Do You want a better Relationship with Your Horse?
Does your beloved horse have behavior or physical challenges and you feel like you've tried everything? 
Are Any of These True for You?

         My Horse Won't Perform To My Expectations.
My Horse is Jumpy or Spooky.
My Horse is Pushy or Lazy.
My Horse Won't Load in the Trailer.
My Horse is Lame or has Other Physical Problems.
My Horse has Bad Habits.

You Love Your Horse and Know its a Wonderful animal just waiting to come out and play.  Build a better relationship with your horse.  Have your horse performing better, more relaxed, respecting you, and feeling better.

Learn what's behind your horse's behavior.
Move beyond your horse's troublesome behavior quickly
Take action to correct your Horse's Performance.
Stregthen Your Relationship with your Horse.
Improve Your Horse's Willingness and Outlook.
Enjoy Spending Time with Your Horse Doing What You LOVE!
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"Even though it I was skeptical, and what Melissa does was a totally new concept to me, nothing I had done seemed to work on my injured horses’ hip. So, in desperation I called Melissa to help.  I can’t believe it, but my horse hasn’t taken a lame step off since working with her.  Don’t even think twice, just hire Melissa and you’ll be glad you did."     - Sam W. 

"When we were at that show together, you took the time to work with my horse Riskey and help him relax and feel free of his pain and comfortable and to be where he was, and then you did the same for me to help my back pain.  Thank you so much, that was very special to both of us."   -LindaJo L.

"When I first had Melissa help me with Jazzy, she trained me how to change my approach to be calmer and more focused on JUST my horse and to really tune into what her needs were.  Melissa also taught me how to change negative energies into positives and really focus on the good things. Once I figured out how to change all the negative energies into positives, Jazzy and I started to really connect."


"Since Melissa has taught me how to approach different horses with different needs, and to keep the environment around them positive, I have been able to connect with almost every horse, dog, and other animal that I have worked with. Using this technique seems to help the animals a lot. This technique also lets you ask the horse before getting upset, most of the time a horse gets upset because all us people do is DEMAND. We never ask them how their day is going, we never ask if they are willing to do it, and certainly never think that its because of our own issues, when really it is! Horses know when your having a bad day, or are just being negative. The horse reflects your own energy, issues and emotions, and they have their own as well.  My energy, issues, and emotions really do affect the horses, that is one of the most valued things I have learned from Melissa!   Melissa has also taught me to use more body language and less artificial aids so its become so much easier to for both me and my horse.  Thanks Melissa because now I know what to do and its been so amazing working with my animals."    - Sam W.
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Improve your horse’s health, outlook, and  performance. You should be enjoying life together!

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Every horse has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every horse needs a different approach. This requires a unique person, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you need healing or training for your young horse, or an older horse, you need expert guidance to effectively strengthen your bond and communicate with them.  We know you love your horse, and you can count on us to use love and compassion in assisting you and your animal.


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