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"When I first had Melissa help me with Jazzy, she trained me how to change my approach to be calmer and more focused on JUST my horse and to really tune into what her needs were.  Melissa also taught me how to change negative energies into positives and really focus on the good things. Once I figured out how to change all the negative energies into positives, Jazzy and I started to really connect."


"Since Melissa has taught me how to approach different horses with different needs, and to keep the environment around them positive, I have been able to connect with almost every horse, dog, and other animal that I have worked with. Using this technique seems to help the animals a lot. This technique also lets you ask the horse before getting upset, most of the time a horse gets upset because all us people do is DEMAND. We never ask them how their day is going, we never ask if they are willing to do it, and certainly never think that its because of our own issues, when really it is! Horses know when your having a bad day, or are just being negative. The horse reflects your own energy, issues and emotions, and they have their own as well.  My energy, issues, and emotions really do affect the horses, that is one of the most valued things I have learned from Melissa!   Melissa has also taught me to use more body language and less artificial aids so its become so much easier to for both me and my horse.  Thanks Melissa because now I know what to do and its been so amazing working with my animals."    - Sam W.
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Melissa Bieber, the 'Natural Horse Healer' is a trainer and healer who specializes in communication and healing of horse related physical and emotional challenges, so you can enjoy the best your horse has to give you.

Melissa has a lifetime of experience with horses and other animals.

She has been specializing in natural horsemanship training, behavior management and healing for over fifteen years.

Melissa began her career with horses as a young child while growing up on a horse and cattle ranch in South Dakota.  When not doing cattle work on horseback, she spent her time riding across the countryside and showing horses most of the summer weekends in 4H, open shows and in Paint and Quarter Horse Shows. 

Melissa graduated from Northern State University in 1990 with a B.S. degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice.  While attending college she spent several years Interning at a Shelter and Resource Center for Battered Women and Children.

Melissa graduated from Hamline University School of Law in 1994. While in law school, she Interned at the Ramsey County Public Defenders Office representing low income and troubled Youth, and also assisted student residents at Hamline University.  Melissa Interned for several years at a small law firm in Wisconsin.  In 1995 she opened her own law practice in Becker, Minnesota. Her practice includes Equine Law as well as other specialties.

Melissa established her own horse ranch in 1996. She continued to show on the local and breed show circuits in all disciplines.  She raises, trains, and provides all the care for many horses, specializing in ponies, paints, and quarter horses.

In 2004, she created an internship program for youth to learn natural horsemanship and training skills.  Melissa is also a riding lesson instructor and she has many years of experience working directly with people at all skill and experience levels their and horses, including scared people and problem horses.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, attending classes and seminars, trail riding, barrel racing, and anything else to do with horses.

Melissa's focus has been working directly on the subject of animal behavior, training and performance from a different and unique vantage point (the horses and the owners).

She has the 'gift' for connecting directly with the animal and they respond to her almost immediately.  In addition to training, Melissa knew that animals had their own opinion and knowledge of what they needed and were happy to share it.  She also came to realize that they wanted to enjoy their relationship with their owner as much as the owner did.  Sometimes that meant something needed to be changed, healed or possibly the release of an old trauma that the horse had experienced so it could move forward.

Melissa's unique approach, called 'Horse Harmonization', has proved to be very successful and she's glad to have been able to serve so many happy owners and horses over the years.

Her healing and training techniques are unique, non-invasive, comforting and effective and she offers her services over the phone, on her ranch or, when possible, travels to your site.

Melissa uses various holistic and natural techniques to maximize results
for each individual horse. Her approach is not one size fits all. 

Additional Info:

Melissa developed several programs, such as Partnership Training, designed for individual and unique specific results,
as not one size fits all.
Certified in Reiki Levels I, II, and Master Practitioner
Certified Instructor Levels I and II in Spring Forest QiGong
Various other healing techniques
Essential Oils, and Flower Essences
Natural Horse Communication abilities
If attending a clinic of receiving private instruction, Melissa will teach you what you need to know to do the same for
your horse.  Melissa will also make sure you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the process.

"When we were at that show together, you took the time to work with my horse Riskey and help him relax and feel free of his pain and comfortable and to be where he was, and then you did the same for me to help my back pain.  Thank you so much, that was very special to both of us."   -

LindaJo L.