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Natural Horse Healer Equine Divine Balm
All Natural made from an unique blend of theraputic grade essential oils.  Anti bacterial and Antifungal.  Use on wounds, sores and other skin conditions, like sunburn, missing hair, scratches, and dry skin.  Stimulates the production of collagen and speeds wound healing with less scarring. Use in your preferred form:  liquid at 76+ degrees; or firmer if cooled.   Goes on smooth and easy.  A little goes a long way.

Natural Horse Healer Equine Divine Balm
4 fl. oz  $60.00
2 fl. oz $40.00
1 fl. oz $25.00
plus shipping
My yearling Filly Galaxy got her back leg caught in the foot of a round bale feeder.  Many months later and it was not healing. Once we started using Equine divine balm just a few times a week, it is healing very quickly.
before we started using Equine Divine Balm
2 weeks after using Equine Divine Balm

Natural Horse Healer Jewelry
Our Crosses and other Jewerly are HANDMADE made from REAL Horse Shoe Nails.  Many more styles and colors are coming soon.  Contact us for custom orders and let us know what colors of wire and/or crystals you would like.
"I can't be without it."     - Kim W. 

Disciple's Cross
Wire wrapped Welded Cross
Welded Cross
Nail Earrings
Crystal Wire Twist
Welded Cross
Custom Welded Cross
plus shipping